The Burke Collection
Page from Tsurayukishū II (貫之集下)
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Fujiwara Sadanobu

(藤原定信; 1088–1156)

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Commonly known as Ishiyama-gire (石山切)

Late Heian period, ca. 1112

Page from book, mounted as hanging scroll; ink on decorated paper

20.2 x 16 cm (8 x 6 1/4 in.)

Donated to the Minneapolis Institute of Art by the Mary and Jackson Burke Foundation in 2015

Ex Coll.: Nishi Honganji, Kyoto


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Seeing someone off to a faraway place, / no regrets to wet my sleeves with so many teardrops. // Hyōe no suke Kanesuke bids farewell to his friend Miharu no Arisuke, an officer of the Left Guard, on the banks of the Kamo River // My tears, which mourn your departure, / make the river swell. / It overflows its banks. // Composed while seeing someone off who is departing with a gift to see a mutual friend.