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Two poems from Kokin wakashū (古今和歌集)
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Ike Taiga

(池大雅; 1723–1776)

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Edo period, 1733

Hanging scroll; ink on paper

26.8 x 33.3 cm (10 1/2 x 13 1/8 in.)

Donated to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York by the Mary and Jackson Burke Foundation in 2015

Ex Coll.: Okamoto Kōhei, Kanagawa Prefecture; Mizuta Chikuho


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by Shisei

[Poem 24, by Minamoto Muneyuki (d. 939)] Now that spring has come / even the unchanging pine is dressed / in fresh new foliage that is / dyed a brighter shade of green.

[Poem 53, by Ariwara Narihira (825–880)] If this world had never / known the ephemeral charms of cherry blossoms / then our hearts in spring might match / nature’s deep tranquility.


Written by Shisei at age 11


Ikeno Shisei