The Burke Collection
Landscape for Shian (為蝕菴寫山水圖軸)
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(弘仁; 1610–1664)

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Qing dynasty, ca. 1657–58

Framed, formerly a hanging scroll; ink on paper

Painting 60.2 x 46.8 cm (23 x 18 3/8 in.)
Painting with shitang 88.6 x 46.8 cm (34 7/8 x 18 3/8 in.)

Bequeathed to the Yale University Art Gallery by Mary Griggs Burke (deceased in 2012)


Zhang Wanli and Hu Renmu 1969, pl. 12
Zhang Wanli and Hu Renmu
[Editors]. Jianjiang huaji (The selected painting of Chien-chiang [Jianjiang]). Hong Kong: Cafa.

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Cahill 1981, no. 26
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[by artist]

I have had a sworn pact with the Buddhist Recluse Shian for twenty years. Recently because he made acquaintances away from the region his traces were few, and I have not often painted for him. Suddenly he has returned to the mountains, [and since] it happened to be his birthday [in this picture] by chance I have taken Qingmi (Ni Zan) as a teacher, perhaps preserving the idea of when the years turned cold.

與蝕菴居士, 二十 年白鷸之盟, 邇以結志區外, 踪跡稍疏, 不多為之作畫。倏然還山, 值其初度, 余偶以清秘為師庶存嵗寒之意。


[of artist] Jianjiang xueren Hongren 漸江學人弘仁


[of artist] Hongren 弘仁 (circular, relief); Jianjiang 漸江 (square, intaglio)

[of collectors and connoisseurs]

Zhang Zhiwan 張之萬 (1811–1897):

Judged and owned by Ziqing [Ziqing jiancang 子青鋻藏] (rectangular, relief)

Zhang Daqian 張大千 (Chang Dai-chien; 1899–1983):

South, north, east or west to follow [me] only and not to leave [my side] [Nanbei dongxi zhi you xiangsui wu bieli 南北東西只有相隨無別離] (square, relief); Zhang Yuan 張爰 (square, intaglio); Seal of Daqian [Daqian xi 大千鉩 ()] (square, relief)

Wang Jiqian 王季遷 (C. C. Wang; 1907–2003):

A famous work seen abroad by Wang Jiqian [Wang Jiqian haiwai suojian mingji 王季遷海外所見名跡] (square, relief)

Unidentified collector

Huimifang 卉米舫 (square, relief)

Inscription in shitang by Fang Hengxian 方亨咸 (jinshi 1647) dated to 1666:

Seal of Fang Hengxian [Fang Hengxian yin 方亨咸印] (square, intaglio)

Style name Jiou [Zi yue Jiou 字曰吉偶] (square, intaglio)

Pang gong 龐公 (rectangular, intaglio)

Collector’s seal in shitang

Zhang Daqian 張大千 (Chang Dai-chien; 1899–1983)

Seal of the treasured possessions of the Great Wind Hall [Dafengtang zhencang yin 大風堂珍藏印] (rectangular, relief)