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A Deep Valley Conceals a Monk’s Home (深谷隱僧家圖軸)
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(髠殘; 1612–ca. 1674)

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Qing dynasty, mid-17th century

Framed, formerly a hanging scroll; ink and color on paper

110.4 x 37.1 cm (43 1/2 x 14 5/8 in.)

Bequeathed to the Yale University Art Gallery by Mary Griggs Burke (deceased in 2012)


Pang Yuanji [1909], vol. 10, p. 18.
Pang Yuanji
Xuzhai minghua lu. Shenjiang: Printed by author.

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[by artist] Seeking in the mountains to escape the summer heat, / a deep valley conceals a monk’s home. / Bamboo and trees obscure the remote trail; / on old branches, crows squawk at dusk. / Without anyone to boil stone marrow, / yet there is a guest to keep company with the rosy clouds. / We sit facing each other by Shuangxi Stream; / the shadows of a thousand peaks fall obliquely.


[of artist] Shiqi Can daozhe 石谿殘道者


[of artist] Shiqi 石谿 (square, intaglio); Baitu 白禿 (square, relief)

[of collectors and connoisseurs]

He Yuanyu 何瑗玉 (fl. 19th century):

Seal of books, ancient inscriptions, calligraphy, and paintings that have passed the eyes of younger brother He Yuanyu, sobriquet Quhe, of Duanxi [Duanxi He shuzi Yuanyu hao Quhe guoyan jingji jinshi shuhua yinji 端谿何叔子瑗玉号蘧盦過眼經籍金石書畫印記] (rectangular, relief)

Lin Qingtang 林慶堂 (19th century?):

Owned by the Zhilanwei Studio of Mr. Lin Qingtang [Zhilanwei Zhai Lin shi Qingtang cang 芝蘭味齋林氏慶堂藏] (square, relief)

Pang Yuanji 龐元濟 (1864–1949)

Examined and authenticated by Xuzhai [Xuzhai shending 虛齋審定] (square, relief)

Wang Jiqian 王季遷 (C. C. Wang; 1907–2003)

A famous work seen abroad by Wang Jiqian [Wang Jiqian haiwai suojian mingji 王季遷海外所見名跡] (square, relief)

Unidentified collectors:

Evaluated and authenticated by Li’an [Li’an pinding 理庵品定] (possibly Zhao Hongxie 趙宏燮 [Qing dynasty]) (square, intaglio)

Owned by Jingtang [Jingtang suocang 鏡塘所藏] (possibly Wang Baolin 王寳林 [Qing dynasty]) (square, relief)