The Burke Collection
Autumn Colors on Streams and Mountains (溪山秋色圖卷)
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attributed to Huang Ding

(黃鼎; 1660–1730)

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Qing dynasty, 18th–19th century

Handscroll; ink and color on paper

33.7 x 268.6 cm (13 1/4 x 105 3/4 in.)

Donated to the Yale University Art Gallery by the Mary and Jackson Burke Foundation in 2015

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[attributed to Huang Ding] An old poem reads: “Even if it is a clear and bright day without a hint of rain, Entering into a place deep within the clouds will dampen one’s clothing.” This speaks to the subtleties of spirit resonance. Paintings without spirit resonance are nothing but coarse mountains and awkward trees. How can a scholar painter’s exquisite elegance emanate from such works? Last year when I traveled to the capital, I copied no less than several tens of Wang Shuming’s [Wang Meng] paintings. As far as his spirit resonance is concerned, it seems as though this handscroll obtains it. I have long wanted to paint a picture for you, venerable master. Right after I completed this painting, there happened to be a messenger, and I am therefore presenting it to you and sending it [along with the messenger].


[attributed to artist] Huang Ding (黃鼎)


[attributed to artist] Seal of Huang Ding [Huang Ding zhi yin 黃鼎之印] (square, intaglio); Kuangting [Kuangting 曠亭] (square, relief)


[by Qian Yong (錢泳; 1759–1844)]

In this scroll by Master Huang Zungu [Huang Ding], the peaks and ranges are clear and profound, the conception and flavor are hoary and ancient, and the spirit resonance is tranquil. Its elegance and richness are on the point of dripping [from the surface]. The brushwork almost steals the skills of Nature. It is a particularly rare work. Huang Ding’s landscapes are not easy to obtain, moreover as in this scroll his exquisite use of the brush is especially classed as hardly ever seen. Thus it should be treasured.


[of Qian Yong] Qian Yong respectfully viewed [Qian Yong baiguan 錢泳拜觀]


[of Qian Yong] Private Seal of Qian Yong [Qian Yong siyin 錢泳私印] (square, intaglio); Plum Stream [Meixi 梅溪] (square, relief)

[of unidentified collector] Prized and carefully guarded by Junhe [Junhe zhenmi 君和珍祕] (rectangular, relief)