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Koōgimi (小大君), from Fujifusa version of Thirty-six Immortal Poets (藤房本三十六歌仙絵)
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Muromachi period, first half of 15th century

Handscroll fragment, mounted as hanging scroll; ink and color on paper

29 x 41.2 cm (11 3/8 x 16 1/4 in.)

Donated to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York by the Mary and Jackson Burke Foundation in 2015

Ex Coll.: Mrs. John D. Rockefeller III


Mori Tōru 1978, pl. 11-3
Mori Tōru
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Held the title of Nyo Kurōdo during the time of the ex-Emperor Sanjō, also known as Sakon. Active during the reigns of Emperors Ichijō [r. 986–1010] and Sanjō [r. 1011–15].

Nightly visits across Iwabashi stopped. / When morning came, / sadness surrounded Mount Katsuragi.