The Burke Collection
Shakyamuni (Seokka, 釋迦) Triad
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Joseon dynasty, 1565

Hanging scroll; ink, color, and gold on silk

69.3 x 33 cm (27 1/4 x 13 in.)

Donated to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York by the Mary and Jackson Burke Foundation in 2015


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One day in the First Moon in the forty-fourth year of the Jiajing reign [1565], Our Majesty, Great Queen Dowager Seongryeol Inmyeong Daewang Daebi, wishes that His Noble Majesty the King will enjoy a life of ten thousand years. How boundless is the King’s benevolence! It surpasses [that of Emperor Wu, who] “let loose all trapped animals.” How great is the King’s [wise] rule! It aspires to the [ancient sages’ art of governing by the] recording method of “knotted cords.” Blessed will he be with countless children. How noble is Her Majesty’s birth! She understood [everything] from the time of her birth. How divine is Her Majesty the Queen’s birth! Heaven endowed her with brightness. [Thus the Great Queen Dowager] released a fund from the royal treasury to order yanggong [skilled artists] to paint Seokka [Shakyamuni], Mireuk [Maitreya], Mita [Amitabha], [all with attendant] bodhisattvas, fifty of each in gold and fifty in color, totaling four hundred in number. They were all splendidly assembled for the ceremony celebrating the restoration of the Hoeam-sa, accompanied by the “eye-dotting” rite. All were ordered to worship them day and night and to offer incense to aid all the people of the kingdom to avoid falling into the trap of being disloyal subjects. Her Majesty’s virtue is like the unfathomable ocean. It is truly immeasurable. How admirable! Respectfully inscribed by Cheongpyeong sanin Naam.