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Brewing Tea on a Spring Evening (煎茶圖軸)
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Wen Zhengming

(文徴明; 1470–1559)

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Ming dynasty, ca. 1540

Framed, formerly a hanging scroll; ink and color on silk

91.5 x 46.5 cm (36 x 18 1/4 in.)

Bequeathed to the Yale University Art Gallery by Mary Griggs Burke (deceased in 2012)


Mi Chou Gallery 1962
Mi Chou Gallery
Five Hundred Years of Tradition: Chinese Painting, Fifteenth to Twentieth Century. Exh. cat. New York: Mi Chou Gallery; St. Paul, Minn.: St. Paul Art Center.

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Clapp, Anne de Coursey
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[by artist] Fresh water waiting to boil, / the proud new tea swelling like green banners; / Jiangnan’s “grain rains”—the festival is near. / Under Mount Hui’s springs, a skiff returns, / Gauze cap and mountain man at “the place of the halter.” // The meditation mat, wind-borne flowers, the flying, swirling beard; /the blocked-up wine guest wakes from a dream of dust, / reclines, and watches the spring sun sink through the pine door.


[of artist] Zhengming 徴明


[of artist] Seal of Wen Zhengming [Wen Zhengming yin 文徴明印] (square, intaglio); Tingyun Lodge [Tingyun guan 停雲館] (square, intaglio)

[of collectors] Xiang Yuanbian 項元汴 (1525–1590): Zijing 子京 (gourd-shaped, relief); Carefully guarded and enjoyed by Molin [Molin miwan 墨林袐玩] (square, relief); Prized and owned by the family of Xiang Zijing [Xiang Zijing jia zhencang 項子京家珍藏] (rectangular, relief); Seal of Xiang Yuanbian [Xiang Yuanbian yin 項元汴印] (square, relief); Seal of the treasure boxes of father Xiang Molin [Xiang Molin fu miji zhi yin 項墨林父袐笈之印] (rectangular, relief)

Wang Jiqian 王季遷 (C. C. Wang, 1907–2003)

Formerly collected at Wang Jiqian’s dwelling [Zengcang Wang Jiqian chu 曾藏王季遷處] (rectangular, relief)

Unidentified collector: Undeciphered